The Art of Teaching Social Studies

the art

Download “The Art of Teaching Social Studies”

Have you ever struggled with teaching Social Studies at home and wanted to learn additional instructional strategies to make your history lessons fun?

During this parent workshop we will discover together a variety of techniques that will help make your history lessons come to life!

We will be exploring:

  • the various activities in the Studies Weekly Newspaper
  • hands on teaching resources
  • character building ideas
  • and learn a variety of instructional techniques for teaching Social Studies at home.

Come join us for a day of historical exploration and learning fun!

Teaching Social Studies Unit Packets

This workshop will focus on the components of the Social Studies Unit packets and breaks down how to teach the various lesson pieces at home. We will look at each LP theme, required materials, daily assignments, recommended viewing and optional activities. We will walk you step by step through a variety of instructional strategies to help you best teach the SRA Social Studies curriculum at home.Helpful Websites