Welcome back!  We hope you all had a fun and relaxing break :).

We wanted to give you an update regarding our new LP training and support grade level classes that will be offered monthly for our homeschool parents.  Our Education Advisors are excited to offer this monthly opportunity to get together with other homeschool families and to receive additional support with your instruction at home.  Teachers will be meeting with parents the first week of each LP to preview the upcoming grade level lessons plans and provide instructional support.  This will be in place of your regular Red Track weekly meeting and will occur during the first week of each LP.  Below is the schedule of events for January 31st:

Thursday, January 31st (Tech Center)
  • 8:00  (Kindergarten)
  • 9:00 (1st Grade)
  • 10:00 (2nd Grade)
  • 11:00 (3rd Grade)
  • 1:00 (4th Grade)
  • 2:00 (5th Grade)
Please RSVP online so we have plenty of supplies on hand at the training. RSVP online, http://homeschool.sra.mn/parent-workshop-rsvp.