Kindergarten Club Workshop

Kindergarten Readiness workshop

Do you think your child is easily distracted or just interested in everything while teaching concepts to them?

Introduction to Kindergarten Classroom Routines is intended to expose homeschool students to traditional experiences in a classroom setting. Each day begins with introduction and review of counting, color, shapes, calendar, days of the week and other grade level foundational concepts.  Students will also be taught teacher expectations, following rules, task management, academic accountability, recognizing social cues and personal accountability. This workshop will also keep the integrity of learning that is meant to be fun and a meaningful experience.

The Kindergarten Readiness workshop offers social, developmental and academic classroom experience for the homeschool student. As the school year begins for 5 year old kindergarteners, for many of them, this is the first time that they are exposed to an unfamiliar yet required structure of teacher expectations and classroom routines. This workshop offers many opportunities to introduce and practice an understanding of appropriate social boundaries, developing academic skills, applying problem solving strategies, celebration and consequences of actions. These foundational concepts enhance a child’s purpose to initiate, sustain and complete academic requirements and rigors along with social accountability.

Each weekly session will have classroom routines that students will come to recognize and anticipate as an expression of demonstrating understanding and mastery. Beginning with the basics of how to line up, take turns, follow verbal prompts, visual cues, keeping and organizing their work space, these routines will also serve as a reference and extension with the establishment and reinforcement of your own homeschool learning environment.

This workshop ensures that you as the homeschool teacher along with collaboration with your EA offer a roadmap with developing confidence of your teaching style of skills and strategies.

Q. Will my child be doing weekly LP assignments during this workshop?
A. The Kindergarten Readiness workshop teacher will collaborate with your EA to determine which worksheet or activity (if any) to do.

Q. The workshop is two hours long, does my child need to bring a snack or lunch.
A. As a recommendation, 1 snack item and 1 easy to open drink to begin with. In many instances during the beginning of the school year, parents load too much and or too many food items that students can’t consume within an allotted 10 to 15 minute period of time.

Q. What supplies should my child bring to school?
A. A comfortable backpack, pencil case, sharpened pencils, eraser, 8 to 12 count crayons, and folder. Please label each article with your child’s first and last name, including jackets and sweaters.

Q. I received a call from the office because my child was not in compliance with school uniform policy. How frequently does this occur?
A.Per school handbook regarding school uniform policy, all students must be compliant. Students are not allowed in the classroom if they are not wearing a belt, wrong shoe style, color, hair length. Parents are notified right away to bring needed article. Please review handbook.

Q. What types of celebrations and consequences are used in the classroom?
A. Our school culture embeds each month, themed character traits. Using a character trait as a reference point, students are informally praised for modeling and demonstrating positive behaviors. Consequence strategies are meaningful and allow for improving and rectifying infractions. One example is having student names on a clothes pin. Students can have their pins moved from gold, silver or bronze colored spaces based on infractions/improvements they have committed. This strategy allows for self-monitoring skills and peer monitoring.