High School FLEX Program  

Our new FLEX program for 9th grade freshman, offers students the opportunity to receive instruction in the core classes- English I, Algebra I, Biology and Spanish I- in a  traditional school setting MondayThursday each week.   Friday is the student’s “FLEX Day” where they have the option to stay at home or attend study hall from 8:00-12:00 on campus.  Students also have the opportunity to sign up for our CTE elective courses of Public Safety and Horticulture. 

For students to be eligible for our FLEX program, they will need to be enrolled in all four of these core classes (English I, Algebra I, Biology and Spanish I) and currently be taking these courses as a student transfer.  This is a great opportunity for your student to receive instruction in the core subject areas while allowing the “flexibility’ to take classes on our Independent Study program.

In addition, we will be offering the second year FLEX program for 10th grade students and there will be a few openings available for next year.  Students need to be in the following classes of English II, Geometry, Chemistry and Spanish II to be eligible to enroll.  If this program is right for you please contact Santa Rosa Academy to sign up for our wonderful 9th and 10th grade High School FLEX!