Santa Rosa Academy is a public school.  Our charter was approved on April 12, 2005 by the Menifee Union School District.  We operate as an independent school from the district with our own school board and administrative services.  

Santa Rosa Academy is proud to offer two different homeschool options: a Red Track full time Independent/ Home Study program for grades TK-12, as well as a White Track two day a week on campus program for grades K-8th.

Red Track TK-12

Red Track is an Independent Study/Home TK-12  program that offers enrichment workshops and PLTW classes in grades TK-8, with the option of selecting classes to supplement learning at the high school level. Mandatory weekly attendance is required for all students.  Optional field trips, student/ parent workshops, tutoring and PLTW classes for students are offered for TK-8 students.  High School Independent Study students have access to site facilities/classes as space is made available. 

White Track K-8

Our White Track is a combination two day a week on site and three day a week home study program.  Students attend school on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays each week for teacher directed instruction.  Optional field trips, workshops, tutoring and classes for students is offered as part of our program.  Students on White Track benefit from the one on one home school support and small class sizes on campus.


Santa Rosa Academy also offers a Site-Based, 5 day per week attendance in a traditional school setting called Blue Track.  The Blue Track program offers college preparatory classes, a Technology Center, and various sports programs.  High expectations in academics and discipline will be the standard. 

Our Mission
~To create a school that is highly regarded for
 academic excellence within a flexible and innovative learning environment 
that will effectively develop, sustain and enhance the skills necessary to be
 life long learners and productive citizens~

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Monthly Field Trips

Monthly field trips will be available for purchase for Red & White Track students and parents.
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Why Homeschool With Santa Rosa Academy?

  • Opportunity to teach to your child’s dominate learning style’

  • Customized lesson plans to fit your child’s learning needs

  • One on one support from a highly qualified teacher

  • Participation in on site school activities and sports programs

What Homeschool Parents Say

I think you are doing a terrific job at Santa Rosa my daughter tells me everyday how happy she is to be a part of the Santa Rosa family and I want to thank you for that.

Mrs. Paisley, White Track Parent

Choosing Santa Rosa Academy has been the best educational decision I have made for my children for their middle school and high school years.  The experiences they have had thus far, both academic and extra-curricular, have been second-to-none.  I am an educator in the community and I have 100% confidence that the education my children are receiving is the best.  The teaching staff is skilled and my children have not only received a superior education from them, but they have also always known that their teachers care for them, as people.  As a parent, it is important to me that my children are properly challenged and that their needs are being met while at school, both of which are fulfilled at SRA.  Further, I have always received prompt attention to any questions I have had for the teachers, as well as administrators.  There is no other school that I would choose over Santa Rosa Academy.

Worthington Family

Red Track has been a wonderful option for the Hyde family as we have pursued education for our children. We have had various children on all three different tracks, but Red Track especially has allowed us to customize learning to each child’s learning style/method as well as to their unique and special health circumstances. Without Red Track it would have been much more difficult to “navigate the waters” that our family has faced.

Thank you Santa Rosa for offering the Red Track option and for partnering with us to educate our children and build their characters.

Hyde Family