Field Trip FAQs

**This information is for most field trips. Please view the specific field trip flyer located on the Santa Rosa Website**

1. What tracks are allowed to go?
White and Red Tracks
2. Do I have to register online?
Yes, otherwise you will not be allowed to attend the field trip.
3. Can I register now and then pay later?
No, you must register and pay at the same time (if payment is required). This must be done before the deadline.
4. What if I registered and paid and cannot attend?
Field trips are NON-­‐REFUNDABLE
5. Can I attend the field trip if I didn’t register by the deadline?
No, you have to register or you cannot be admitted with SRA. Which means you will have to pay full price for admission.
6. How many people can go?
This may vary with each field trip. View the field trip flyer for additional information. The flyer is on SRA’s website.
7. Can  I  bring  my  other  children?
It  depends  on  the  field  trip.  The  field  trip  flyer  that  is  posted  on  the  SRA  website  will  give  you  that  information.
8. Do  I  need  to  provide  the  transportation?
Yes,  you  are  responsible  for  providing  transportation  to  and  from  every  field  trip.    You  MUST  stay  and be  a  chaperone  for  your  child(ren) during  the  trip.
9. Can  I pay  online?
Yes,  you  can  pay  online  using  debit  or  credit.  No  checks  allowed.
10. Can  I  pay  with  cash?
Yes,  you  can  pay  online  using  debit  or  credit.  No  checks  allowed.
11. Who  is  the  chaperone?
The  parents  are  the  chaperones. You  must  stay  with  your  child(ren).
12. Can  I  send  my  child  on  the  field  trip  with  another  adult?
Yes,  make  sure the  student’s  name  and  the  chaperone’s name  are  listed  on  the  same registration  form.
13. Do  I  need  to  bring  extra  money  for  parking  or  food?
That  depends  on  the  field  trip.  Mrs.  Mays   or  Mrs.  Inigarida  (Field  Trip  Coordinators)  will  let  you  know  on  the  flyer  if you  will  need  to  pay  for  parking.  If  you  choose  to  purchase  food  or  other  items  that  is  up  to  you.